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We have a partnership with the leading B2B e-business companies in Turkey and in the World.

In fact, Our brand image create remarkable fame even in abroad...

We have a significant co-operation with for 5 years in Turkey. Thanks to this partnership, Ozarma Packaging Co. reach the all regions and create trust and customer satisfaction in all around the Turkey. is also a significant business website for Turkish people in the World. In this case, Ozarma Packaging Co. is the first and leading company in packaging sector for Turkey.



Our co-operation has been started with since 2010. Specially, We export our shrink machines to the World with the power of website. This situation provide global competition for our company. 
We have a 1 year co-operation with Despite of that situation, We reach a significant growing in market. We are the first and leading company on which is show us the innovative side of our business. Not a follower! Innovatior!
 is the biggest auction website of the Turkey with also their parnership with ebay. Specially, Our second hand madificated machines has value in market with the partnership of This auction website build up a bridge with the second hand machine users and Ozarma Packaging Co.