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Electronic Scaling Machines
Özarma Ambalaj ARM-614 Elektronik Baskül

ARM -614 Electronic Scale

Technical Details


  •  Precision is adopted by the Industry and Trade Department. 

  •  Capacity is resistant to 50%

  •  220 VAC - 50 Hz . It has operating voltage

  •  Operating temperature - 20 ° C to + 60 ° C

  •  Optional external display ( 100m . Up ) can be connected

  •  Except scale digital display indicator is based on the request , It can be mounted on a wall or desk  Digital filtering can be done . There is an error warning messages

  •  Dust and moisture resistant , RS 232C serial output is added

  •  Tare is available and recession feature zero

  •  Weighing platform made ​​of stainless steel, chrome or painted

  •  It used as dimpled or pothole

  •  TA300 are counting feature in the series

  •  TA300 Series European Type System approved in the EC 90/384 

  •  TA300 Series is available in CE standards

  •  TA300 is in the battery compartment of the indicator Series, can operate with batteries.

ARM-615 Fiyat Hesaplamalı Elektronik Baskül 

ARM- 615 Electronic Price Computing Scale

Technical Details

  • EC Approved

  • Front and Back LCD Display

  • Double-sided LED display

  • Frangible neck Binary Divisions (Dual - Range)

  • 42 Number Direct Memory Key

  • Collection Feature Overload and Shock Protection

  • Rechargeable Battery or Adapter

ARM-616 Askılı Elektronik Kasap Baskülü 

ARM -616 Hanging Scale Electronic Butcher


Technical Details

  • Capacity: 500 kg

  • Sensitivity: 100 g

  • Stainless steel hook : Yes

  • Display: illuminated LCD display ( 30 mm)

  • Power supply: 220 V municipality mains + internal battery

  • Calibration: External automatic calibration


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