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Ink-jet Coding Machine
ARM-1001 Ink-jet Kodlama Makinesi

ARM-1001 Inkjet Coding Machine

Inkjet Printers, affordable, high-resolution industrial ink jet printers are alone. Inkjet printers to print almost all codes of products can be installed on any production line.

- Full-featured industrial inkjet printer
- Stainless steel gov
- Instant (fast) opening and closing
- Connection to PC
- Permeable and impermeable surfaces in writing

General features

- Graphics 120 * 64 backlit liquid and integrated stainless steel keyboard gov
- 4 satira up coding
- Different fonts possibility
- Different language options,

External Links

- 12 VCDs detection products with NPN sensors way
- PC 9 kinds D-Type Connection
- Honey with 2 m cable to connect the printer path



- Real-time clock and calendar
- Expiration date
- Print logo Thick writing 9 level
- Reverse message Adjustable character and / or pressure turning
- Continuous printing or printing can be identified


PC connection to download -Data

- 45 transmission and storage memory up to 120 characters per line


Technical information

-Height 20 * 30 * 36 cm

Work conditions

-0-45 degrees, relative humidity 10-90% non-condensing

ARM-1002 Ink-jet Yumurta Kodlama Makinesi

ARM-1002 Inkjet Coding Machine

Egg-jet system is an economical printer for printing codes and dates on egg shells. This printer by adjusting the electronic key 1! Den can print the order to 5. Reliable and portable unit provides full compliance with stainless steel conveyor and coding offers an excellent solution for small and large-scale egg farms.


General features
Stainless steel structure and advanced technology controller, graphic LCD display and integrated keyboard


Technical information
height of
200 * 40 * 60 cm


Work conditions
5-45 C, 10-90% non-condensing humidity

ARM-1003 El Ink-jet Kodlama Makinesi

ARM-1003 Hand Ink-jet coding machine

Product feature: Capable view; Economy; Durability; Color touch screen panel, obtained used, 360 ° printing.


ALT series handhelds (obtained can be used) bring together decades of professional experience on the development of coding systems, ink jet technology, domestic and mature and reliable printing solution for each customer offers professionally abroad.


using solvent-based inks, nozzles do not clog with anti-clogging design technology reduces the ink squeezing time; Multiple spray protection abrasions, friction or prevents damage from shock-induced surface spray. To ensure smooth operation, reliability is much more advanced than other inkjet printers.
24-hour continuous production meets literally.
Oil-based ink using a sprayer (nozzle) prevents the blockage is not 100% maintenance.


The computer arrangement is completely different, which is great easy as the phone to edit the text, color touch screen
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) print out information, internal serial fonts; dot matrix fonts, fonts, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes fonts, bold fonts, font size and character set fonts with special security meeting in terms of multiple requests.
Human structure design, convenient, reasonable weight, easy operation tireless long time.
The unique wheel design, flexible printing in different shapes and surfaces.
And ink cartridge system is completely closed, cartridge replacement is simple and fast.


Ink color variation, printing surface without contact with other products, strong adhesion coding is clean and nice.
ALT series portable ink jet printer of the chemical, construction material, steel tube, food and beverage, pipes, cables, car parts, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, there are common areas such as rubber industry and post offices examples can be multiplied.


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