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Filling Machines
Özarma Ambalaj ARM-2104 Çuval Dolum Makinesi

ARM-2104 Bag Filling Machine

Works :
Automatic sack filling machine filling, bagging , labels, date, throwing 've finished product makes conveyor transport.

Features :
1.Yüksek Events
2. It does not give the material looks
3. It is appropriate to job security.
4. PLC Control Feature ergonomic use.


Automatic packaging machines HIGH fragility of dry fruits and vegetables, chips , rice , cereals, sugar , peanuts, spices, nuts , potato flour is capable of filling .

Automatic packaging machine can be used in the following segments based on customer demand .

1. Measurement Equipment
2. Packaging machine
3. The product is attractive
4. Vibrating filling
5. Support Platform
6. After the procedure, conveyor

ARM-2101 Granül ve Toz Dolum Makinesi.png

ARM -2101 Granular and Powder Filling Machine


Powder and granule filling machine products, bags Volumetric filling the containers.


Several agricultural products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals , etc .. it fills .

Volumetric containers 200g , 500g , 1000g , and 2000g as the diversification and got filled .

Voltage (V / Hz)

AC 220/50 110/60

ARM-2103 Sıvı Dolum Makinesi

ARM - 2103 Liquid Filling Machine


Medicine, food , cosmetics 've Ideal For coatings industry . Liquids Inc. Easily filling Ideal for flow products .


Creams, gels , oils, car polish, glue, cream detergent , honey, jam , mustard, mayonnaise etc.


Technical Details:

-Filling Range: 100-1000 Did you

-Capacity : 800 charging / h

Truthfulness : ± 0.5 %

-Stainless Steel Structures

ARM-2102 Yoğun Sıvı Dolum Makinesi

ARM -2102 Intense Liquid Filling Machine


Dense liquid filling machine can fill the product into the bag with heat various types of bags . Paper / PE, cellophane / PE, aluminum foil / PE , BOPP / PE, Nylon / PE etc .



Dense liquid filling machine, soft goods , sauces and less fluid has a material filling feature. Honey , drugs, pulpy drinks, food , chemical filling are some of the products that can be made .


20ml, 50ml , 100ml, 500ml , 1000ml , 2000ml are filling feature.

ARM-2104 Otomatik Toz veya Sıvı Dolum ve Paketleme Makinesi

ARM- 2104 Automatic Powder or Liquid Filling and Packaging Machine


This machine daily chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, pesticides , veterinary drugs , etc ... can also adhering to all sources of nylon bags with heat.

Paper / PE, Cellophane / PE , Aluminum foil / PE , BOPP / PE and Nylon / PA .


20ml, 50ml , 100ml, 500ml , 1000ml is 2000ml can be filled at one time.


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