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Packaging Materials
CP 3

Özarma Ambalaj Polypropylene (PP ) Strap

Width : 8-10-12 mm

Thickness: 0.70

Coil Feature : 2500 - 3,000 square meters - 4,000 meters

Use medium -strength polypropylene in light strap 've packaging. Hand machine in semi or fully automatic machines available . Black P. P. 2nd Quality strap P. P. White 1.Quality strap as being sold in the market. Never really made ​​the right circle with raw pubescence , we have the strain is showing few signs of adhesion .


8-10-12mm as 3 types , on both ends of the Total 6 kinds of black and white and mainly P. P. Inc. There circle. trouble-free operation of your landscape architecture in the machine's inner circle is the most important other criteria. Our company stock at times it all , there is the circle of pallet types . For the sample request or to order , please contact us.

Özarma Ambalaj Polypropylene Manuel Strap


Width : 12 mm

Thickness: 0.80

Quantities of Coil : 1,800 meters

Use of Polypropylene manual hand strap, strapping machine. You can connect pallet boxes . We have solid proof. Stretching does not. Clasp hands Inc. Use with circle machine is recommended.

Özarma Ambalaj Polyester Pet Strap

Width : 12-16 mm

Thickness: 0.60 and 0.70

Coil Feature : 2.000 m -1400 m


Polyester PET strap is preferred in medium and high-strength packaging . It allows fixation of the packaging materials with the rigid structure . Hand circle used in the machine. It is resistant to weather conditions. Imported strap and strap buckle for use with hand tools is the advice.

Özarma Ambalaj Steel Strap

Width : 16-19 mm

Thickness: 0.60

Quantities of Coil : 14 ml / kg- 11 m / kg

Preferred in high-strength steel straps and buckles edilir. tokal used as packaging . Reception with steel strapping packing machine is recommended

Özarma Ambalaj Composite Fiber Strap


Width : 13-16-19 mm

Wall thickness : 0.50

Coil Feature : 1100 meters - 850 meters - 600 meters


High-strength fiber composite hoop prefer packing in pallets and loads of fixing used in the steel ring as strong , is resistant to all kinds of natural conditions .

Özarma Ambalaj Polyolefin Shrink Film

Width : 15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55 cm

Feature : 1332 meters

Thickness: 15-17-19-21-23-25 ​​mic .

 Double-layer polyolefin shrink film . It has a very high resistive force . It can be used in food . It is compatible to weather conditions.Egg viols , the stationery , the chocolate and confectionery packaging , the spices and nuts , cosmetics , joining heavy products are used in bathroom and kitchen equipment . by agriculture and rural affairs ministry is especially necessary for use in food. Exports , instead of PVC are being sought this product . According to the PVC shrink film it is 2 times more quantity and more robust. The shelf life is longer. It is economical and robust.

Özarma Ambalaj Pvc Shrink Film

Özarma Ambalaj PVC Shrink Film

Width : 20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55 cm

Feature : 770 meters

Thickness: 17 microphone.


PVC is a double-decker . Egg violet film Shrink stationery materials , chocolate , spices, nuts in candy wrappers we have in the conjunction of heavy products , cosmetics, kitchen supplies 've Use BATHS visit . Shelf life is 6 months . In the food use of products whose shelf life is Not Suitable For .

Polyethylene Shrink Film

Width : 250 mm to 1700 mm

Thickness: 0.60-0.80 mic .

Polyethylene shrink film, the packing area is used quite widely . Water and liquid bottle packaging, furniture industry, food packaging, metal industry, white goods, electronics, used in ceramic packaging. It is produced in the desired dimensions or even be shaped according to the desired product .

Özarma Ambalaj Streç Film

Özarma Ambalaj Stretch film


Width : 50 cm

Feature : 300 meters

Thickness: 17-23 mic .


Under normal conditions, it is resistant to C +80 to -40 Celsius. Kesk without tearing the edges of the rain wraps , flexible and strong. It is very economical ; The labor and time are of great benefit . Colitis 6 has a roll. Our products are guaranteed and the full 300m

Özarma Ambalaj Black Stretch Film

 Width : 50 cm

Feature : 300 meters

Thickness: 17-23 mic .


Under normal conditions, it is resistant to C +80 to -40 Celsius.

Kesk Affected by rain wraps the edges of the tear , flexible and strong. It is very economical ; The labor and time are of great benefit . Colitis 6 has a roll. Our products are guaranteed and 300m . There are UV Protection .

Özarma Ambalaj Power and Superpower Machine Stretch


Width : 50 cm

Feature : 1500 mt

thickness : 23 mic


Fully automatic stretch wrapping machines can be stretched to 300% . Under normal conditions - 40 C to +80 C until durable. affected by the rain. Sharp edges without tearing yellowing , flexible and strong. It is very economical .

Özarma Ambalaj ARM-89 Bukle Çember Tokası

Özarma Ambalaj Curl Strap Buckle

13-16-19 mm

Curl machine manually in polypropylene buckles , polyester, we have available the composite textile circle. There is a 1,000 clasp box .

Özarma Ambalaj ARM-22 Klips Sac Çember Tokası

Özarma Ambalaj Sheet Metal Circle Clip Buckle


12-16-19 mm


Clip hoop hoop buckle is available with polypropylene in a manual machine. There are 1,500 pieces clasp in a box.

Özarma Ambalaj Plastic Strap Buckle


Plastic ring buckle used umeda hoops made ​​by hand . There are 1,500 pieces in a box clasp .

Özarma Ambalaj ARM-87 Çelik Çember Tokası

Özarma Ambalaj Steel Strap Buckle

16-19 mm Steel hoop clamp buckle steel straps are used Umeda . There are 1,000 pieces in a box clasp

ARM-18 Klas Koli Bantı

Özarma Ambalaj Klas  Packing Tape

Dimensions: 45*40 - 45*100 - 45*800 - 60*100 -  60*800

Color: Transparent - Taba - Printed

As it used in the manual or duct tape machine .

Özarma Ambalaj ARM-68 Ve-ge Koli Bantı

Özarma Ambalaj Vege Packing Tape


Dimensions: 45*40 - 45*100 - 45*800

Genre: elephants, lions , buffalo , masking tape , cellophane tape , Printed Tape

Color: Transparent - Taba - Printed as it used in the manual or duct tape machine .


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