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Ozarma Packaging Systems


Ozarma Packaging ARM Carton automatic packaging system ( from carton-erecting to truck project) is new generated automatic packaging line which can automatically finished the whole packaging process from empty carton delivering, carton forming, objects-aligning and conveying, robot encasing, auto flap carton sealing, edge sealing, code printing, carton strapping, right-angled turn, # type strapping, conveying, robot palletizing, empty pallet delivering, carrying-pallet conveying, vertical strapping, horizontal strapping, wrapping, outputting etc. 


ARM Carton automatic packaging system is characterized by high speed, high-quality packing, good compatibility and stable performance etc. It is a high-tech product manufactured by integrating mechanism, electrical devices, instrument and robot, which automates the whole carton rear packing process for every kinds of packing objects,

ARM Carton automatic packaging system is applied to carton rear packing for all objects in different sizes.
Customized order for carton packaging line is available.


ARM Carton automatic packaging system includes the following equipments according to customer request:
A. Automatic Case Erector
B. Line-up Machine
C. Automatic Encasing Machine
D. Auto Flap Carton Sealer

E. Ink Jet Printer or Carton Printer
F. Unmanned Automatic Strapping Machine
G. Carton Edges Sealer
H. Robot
I. Pallet Supplying and Conveyor
J. Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine with Top Seal
K. Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Please ask for the custom systems which you need?


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